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Wyllow Ravenscroft formed the traditional and contemporary folk group High Fidelity in the early 1990s in the Fort Worth, Texas area with singer Katie Connett and percussionist Kevin Brushes. After relocating to Arizona in 1998, Wyllow and Kevin continued playing traditional folk music from England, Scotland, and Ireland as the duo Rossettistone, performing at coffeehouses, bookstores, and festivals.

As a solo artist, Wyllow's musical influences include Celtic artists such as Maddy Prior, Sandy Denny, Enya, and Maire Brennan, folk artists like Joan Baez and Judy Collins, and early music groups such as the Baltimore Consort. Wyllow also plays in the band for the World music and dance troupe Ghazaal Beledi, and is a former member of the women's a cappella trio/quartet The Singing Muses. She is available for performances at coffeehouses, festivals, bookstores, Renaissance faires, and special events.

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"Wyllow Ravenscroft has a beautiful voice and is a marvelous songwriter, with tales from other eras and times gone by as well as more contemporary spiritually seeking songs." –– Nia Maxwell, Newsletter, Fiddler's Dream Coffeehouse, Phoenix, Arizona, December 2006.

“Wyllow’s performance was stunning, and the highlight of the semester.” –– Dr. Jacquie Lynch, Honors Faculty Fellow, Inventing Ireland Honors Class, Arizona State University, Fall 2005

“Wyllow Ravenscroft has produced a magnificent presentation of the legend of King Arthur … the songs are beautiful and well-sung … it is completely wonderful, performed with Magic by a marvelous Celtic musician.” –– Review of Tales of Camelot by Gary Swaty, ConNotations, June/July 2005

“Other standouts on the CD are [Wyllow’s] own compositions … all of which sound so authentic that if you didn't know she wrote them you'd swear they were hundreds of years old.” –– Review of Deirdre's Song by Tom Tuerff, Southwest Acoustic Music Association: The Acoustic Scene, August 2001


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