Tales of Camelot

Tales of Camelot

Wyllow Ravenscroft

Through story and song, the legends of King Arthur and his noble knights unfold for a new age. In the song cycle Tales of Camelot, the sounds of voice, guitar, pennywhistle, violin, harp, and percussion blend to create a tapestry of Renaissance, Celtic, and Folk styles. Dramatic readings combine with music to introduce the ancient bardic tradition to modern audiences.

Deirdre's Song by Rossettistone

Deirdre's Song


The history and legends of the British Isles are brought to life in Deirdre's Song from Rossettistone. Wyllow Ravenscroft (as Sheila Brushes), on vocals and acoustic guitar, and Kevin Brushes, on percussion, present traditional folk music from England, Celtic music from Scotland and Ireland, and original compositions. Lush guitar and innovative drumming underlie the beautifully haunting vocals as the music carries the listener to the misty isles of imagination.